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Dr. Laura Stewart RD RNutr Consultant Trainer and Director, Children's Weight Clinic.

As a parent myself, I understand just how difficult it can be to talk to children and young people about sensitive subjects such as weight, image and personal body confidence. You worry about upsetting them and making them feel insecure. Although it can be very difficult, I believe it is important that a child is not left with the burden of a life-long weight problem and this is why I founded the Children's Weight Clinic.

I strongly believe that children should never be put on a diet but should be educated and supported in achieving a healthy lifestyle. I also know from experience, that the child is more likely to succeed if the whole family develops a healthy lifestyle and is therefore supportive of the child's new choices. We can provide training to professionals and those working with children to empower them to provide a neutral environment in which all these issues can be discussed and resolved.

I have worked with many children and their parents over the years and know from experience that parents often feel a great deal of guilt believing that it is their fault that the child has a weight problem. Our training can help professional deal with these feelings and also discuss these complex issues with parents and families.

Many children who develop unhealthy lifestyles at a young age are likely to struggle with their weight for the rest of their lives. So, as a concerned professional I would urge you to contact us now to see the training we can offer you, your colleagues or organisation.

The Children's Weight Clinic is here to help you to promote a healthy family lifestyle.

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Dr. Laura Stewart is our senior consultant trainer and founder of the Children's Weight Clinic. She has trained many professionals from a wide area of backgrounds in health, education, fitness, social services and charities to have a better understanding of childhood obesity as well as to deliver childhood weight management programmes.

Laura is an award-winning dietitian with a solid academic and clinical background. She has successfully worked with numerous families and overweight children as well as continuing to publish scientific papers and text book chapters on the subject of child obesity.

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